Make Beer Club Great Again!



The Broad Channel Beer Club was created out of love for beer and comradery.  We felt that with so many great choices of the nectar of the Gods, how could one not form a group to enjoy them all.  We formed this club initially by inviting friends over to watch sporting events, eat some good food and drink a few different beers.  Now, with the help of others, it has grown into what today is known as the Broad Channel Beer Club.  

The First Five

The “First Five’ comprise of the guys who got together for some beer, and while trying a few different styles, decided that this was the perfect complement to all the “other” clubs and decided to form a monthly meet and drink.  The “First Five” serve in the club as the following;

·         President:  Jon Churchill

·         Vice President:  Frank O’Toole

·         Road Captain:  Steve Keller

·         Treasurer:  Don Keller

·         Sergeant of Arms:  Rob Ward


The 2018 executive Board

Now that our fearless leader has stepped down and relinquished his command over the BCBC, a new Executive Board has risen from the ashes. We will miss Jon and will always appreciate all he did for the club. Below is the new Executive Board.

      President:  Steve Keller

·         Vice President:  Scott Espisito

·        Chief of Staff:  Sean O'Connell

          Road Captain:  Frank Bassetti

·         Treasurer:  Don Keller - He is still here

·         Sergeant of Arms:  Does someone have this position? We drank a lot at the last meeting & I can not recall.

Our Mission

To taste and grade all the many beers that the many brewers have crafted, whether enjoyed or not, we love and respect them all.






Broad Channel, NY




·         Tasting

o   The sole purpose of the BCBC is to taste and grade beer.  It is truly that simple.  Each month, we gather and taste a variety of beers and after each tasting, we grade that specific beer. We do this in a lighthearted manner as all members have different tastes and there is no right or wrong answer.  Some are hits, some are utter failures, but we try and grade them all. 

·         Grading system

o   Our grading system is very sophisticated and the foundation of our thoughts on a beer.  No, not really, but the scale is the scale.  From A to C, these are not bad scores, its after that where the beer is much less than pleasing.  The final grade is determined by the President, who uses his own common core math to put an average to the taste, which is where the “+” and “-“ comes from when the grading is complete.


·         Dues

o   $20 per month

  • Covers food at monthly meetings
  • Tasting beers
  • The extra that builds over time,  goes to births of children, condolence packages for deaths of family members of club members, and to fundraisers for the community of Broad Channel


·         Events

o   The BCBC tries to put on 4 different “events” each year.  2 of which are travelling to a beer tasting, and 2 that are family parties.

  • Belmont Beer Fest Tasting session
  • Nassau Coliseum Beer Fest Tasting session
  • Christmas Party
  • Summer Party

·         Monthly Meetings

o   The BCBC meets each and every month at different locations, based on an availability of a member to host the meeting.   While we do our best to accommodate everyone, with so many members this is not always possible.  The date is left to the discretion of the host, and from there on the availability of most members.  We cannot meet everyone’s needs, and we do not look to have month long discussions on availability.  If someone can host, then that is the date the meeting is.