The Broad Channel Beer Club was created out of love for beer and comradery.  We felt that with so many great choices of the nectar of the Gods, how could one not form a group to enjoy them all.  We formed this club initially by inviting friends over to watch sporting events, eat some good food and drink a few different beers.  Now, with the help of others, it has grown into what today is known as the Broad Channel Beer Club.


The First Five

The “First Five’ comprise of the clubs founders, the guys who got together for some beer and while trying a few different styles, decided that this was the perfect complement to all the “other” clubs. So, they decided to form a monthly meet and drink and the club grew from there.   The “First Five” are the following;

·         Jon Churchill

·        Frank O’Toole

·         Steve Keller

·         Don Keller

·        Rob Ward